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Welcome to the site of MAPr: Meditation, Awareness, Peace research

This is the website of a small, independent, Buddhist-inspired group, a ‘knot’ in a network of cooperating groups. MAPr offers meditation days, courses, meetings and more…

  • Regarding Meditation: this is a wide term that includes various approaches and methods aiming at getting to know, and cultivating the mind, in openness, attention and presence. Meditation refers to cultivating a balanced, loving mind, based in mindfulness, and to increasing insight. In a broader sense, meditation also refers to a balanced body-mind-spirit.

  • Regarding Awareness: mostly the term is used to connect to a state or quality of ‘being aware of’ (what you hear, see, sense). This may be viewed as a ‘relative’ kind of awareness, or consciousness. Awareness in the ‘absolute’ sense – in this vision – , transcending and including relative awareness, refers to awareness beyond time, place, image: an all-inclusive, boundless awareness.

  • Regarding Peace: meditation leads to a developing and deepening of inner peace. Inner peace, directly related to outer peace, requires an inner (meditative) ‘activism’. Outer peace requires an outer ‘activism’ – in the sense of an active commitment that can be the more effective when the active person can rest in inner peace.

  • … and the little ‘r’? This is about research. MAPr includes and supports research and has a fund at Triodos Foundation, that may financially sponsor scientific research projects when they match the MAPr commitments. For more, see MeditationAPr, Commitment and Research.

The name ‘MAPr’, in English phonetical sense, refers also to ‘mapping’; with a wink to the awareness that ‘the map is not the terrain’.

In 2014 the book ‘The less dust, the more trust…’, about The Shamatha Project came out. Authored by Adeline van Waning, it is published by John Hunt Publishing, cover: see to the right. Also, look at: Book, and Programmes- SPECIAL for workshop-bookpresentation, and here to the book on the Publisher's site.

The book can be purchased

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