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Headings are: I  Meditation: practical, including instructions, and theoretical, II  'The Shamatha Project', III Meditation in context (e.g., with psychotherapy, societal aspects, nature and environment, living and dying, women in Buddhism).

Ad I  Meditation: practical, including instructions, and theoretical

I.1  Audio meditation instructions by Alan Wallace: go to , and you will find many audio instruction materials, including complete retreats! 

Ad II  The Shamatha Project

II.1  A TEDx presentation by Clifford Saron PhD, coordinator research in The Shamatha Project (video 17 minutes, summer 2012), see

Ad III  (Shamatha) meditation in context

III.1 Film: 'The Conscious Universe'. Portrait of B. Alan Wallace, broadcasted by Buddhist Media (BOS), December 2010. Duration: 54 min, English spoken, Dutch undertitling.

Watch het movie online

Text Buddhist Media: B. Alan Wallace, PhD, is at the forefront of bridging the insights of Buddhist contemplatives from the past two and a half millennia with modern physics, neuroscience, and psychology. The main question in his research is whether consciousness is to be understood as something as concrete as the very fabric of space-time. If this would be the case, it would change the fundamentals of what we perceive as material reality. Rather than seeing ourselves as isolated units, separated from our surroundings, we would be parts of a whole, connected to everything. Wallace is a physicist with a doctorate in comparative religions, a former Buddhist monk. He is now a Dharma teacher, teaching worldwide. His understanding of consciousness bridges both Eastern and Western religions. He sees it as an integral and timeless whole, connected with the universe. We encounter those ideas and their profound implications as Wallace leads a group of meditators through an eight-week retreat in Thailand.

Director/camera/sound: David Cherniack
With: B. Alan Wallace Ph.D., Malcolm Huxter, Wesley St. Clair, Adeline Van Waning, Ana Lorena Gonzales
A co-production: © 2010 David Cherniack Productions/Buddhist Broadcasting Foundation

III.2  Video: 'Mediteren aan de Monitor’  (English: Meditating on the Monitor), 2009, duration 8 minutes, produced by Wouter van Waning, regarding the course given with this title. Explanation by Kees Blase and Adeline van Waning on shamatha and heartcoherence, impressions of the course - with professionals in psychiatry -, outcomes research. See website Heartfocus Kees Blase, this video. While the video is Dutch-spoken, some preliminary outcomes, and an English translation of the spoken text in the video are presented at 09Med a Mon video text, transl E and outcome.

III.3: Video 'Settling the mind in its natural state' meditation, 8 min, by Adeline van Waning: explanation and instructions, with a report on the practice over a 2 month retreat in Phuket, 2010, with Alan Wallace, watch here.  

III.4: A video with Alan Wallace about Buddhism in the West, July 2012, 9 min, see this link.

III.5 A TEDx talk video with Kirstin Neff, 'The space between self compassion and self esteem', 19 minutes: click here.

III.6: Matthieu Ricard in a TED talk, 2015, 16 min: 'How to let altruism be your guide', this link.

III.7: Clip 'Love conquers hate', about trusting persons, 2017, 2 min, made after the Manchester terrorist attack: watch here.