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There are a number of headings: I  Meditation: practical, including instructions, and theoretical; II  'The Shamatha Project', III  (Shamatha) meditation in context (e.g., with psychotherapy, societal aspects, nature and environment, living and dying, women in Buddhism).


Ad I  Meditation: practical, including instructions, and theoretical

Here are some recommendations for reading, books and articles, specifically on shamatha. For books by Alan Wallace (about concentration and also insight meditations), visit:, go to Store. Clarifying articles by Alan Wallace are: 08Wallace Mindfulness (addressing the meaning of mindfulness, and misunderstandings about this notion, that may have consequences for our practice), and 09WallaceWithinYou WithoutYou (on the path, shamatha meditation provides a platform for exploring the deep space of the mind).


Ad II  'The Shamatha Project'

II-1 These are a few articles that include outcome findings of the Shamatha Project, meditation and neuroscience research, coordinator Clifford Saron PhD: 'The Shamatha Project', July 2011, 11View TheShaProj,Fraser; and 'Everybody say om', Jan 2011, see 11Jan-Medit-NewScientist

For all up-to-date peer-reviewed articles in international scientific journals, actuality: see this website, where they can be found as pdf.

End 2012, The Shamatha Project received a large sponsoring grant, creating the opportunity to have a new follow-up round with the participants, 6 years after project retreats! See this link, that also leads to a link with the TEDx talk by Clifford Saron about the project.

II-2 In 2014 the book The less dust, the more trust - Participating in The Shamatha Project, meditation and science, came out, by Adeline van Waning MD PhD at John Hunt Publishing, see Books on this site.

II-3  Articles in English on the Shamatha Project by Adeline: 'Inside the Shamatha Project', in Buddhadharma, The Practitioner's Quarterly, summer 2011, see 11Buddhadharma, summer, art Shamatha Project


Ad III  About meditation in context

For a few articles in English, see the Dutch site. About meditation in the context of Mahamudra and Dzogchen, see for instance the websites and publications by: the Pointing Out Way, (Dan Brown, Rahob Tulku Rinpoche), and (Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche).

A few articles by Adeline in English are presented (that may be used in courses), that include addressing facets of the relationship Buddhism and psychotherapy, also in the context of inner and outer peace. See 02Mindful Self (dialogue Buddhist and psychoanalysis), 06Buddh Pso Conditioning (conditioned, defensive avoiding of what's reality), and 09Naikan Buddh Self-Reflection (a Japanese Buddhist inspired approach, psychotherapy and culture). And an article about 'Settling het mind in its natural state' for psychotherapists, see 13Settling Mind, SpringJ.

See also the information about Adeline's Books, a book in English (2014) and one in Dutch (2017).