Below you find the general outline of Programmes. For more information in English: send a mail via Contact.

SPECIAL: two workshops connecting with two books by Adeline van Waning: 

- 'Opgroeien en Ontwaken: meditaties voor psychische volwassenheid en spirituele realisatie'. This Meditation day / workshop connects with publication of the book 'Opgroeien en Ontwaken, de integrale benadering - boeddhistische, psychologische en maatschappelijke invalshoeken' (2017) (translation to English: 'Growing up and Waking up, the integral approach - Buddhist, psychological and societal views'). 

-'Soothing the body, Settling the mind, Opening the heart - contributing to a sustainable peaceful planet'. Meditation day / workshop, connecting with publication of the book 'The less dust, the more trust - participating in The Shamatha Project, meditation and science' by Adeline van Waning (2014). 

See also: Books.


The core programs are named here briefly, more elaborate information can be found in the Dutch version of this site:

- Shamatha meditation, with twice a year an Open Meditation day, around a certain theme. For dates, see News & agenda.

Shamatha refers to concentration-calm meditation. The shamatha attention practices aim at refining attention and mental and emotional balance. The 'focus of mindfulness' in these Tibetan Buddhist appproaches are, respectively, the 'space of the body and breath', 'the space of the mind'  (with whatever thoughts, emotions, images arise, are briefly present and dissolve in it), and: awareness. Shamatha meditation regarding the Qualities of the Heart includes the practices of Loving Kindness, Compassion, Empathetic Joy and Equanimity; with also Tonglen, the meditation of 'giving and receiving'. Shamatha, considered  as the valuable complement to the cultivation of contemplative insight (vipashyana) and liberation, is - with its structured approach - well suited for scientific research. The meditations as offered by MAPr in integral perspective, can help creating a concentration-calm foundation that supports any kind of practice. In a broader sense: these are practices that bring profit to everyone who likes to cultivate inner peace, focused clear attention and open presence.

- 'Settling the mind in its natural state', with glimpses of more spacious awake awareness: shamatha mind-practices regarding observing the space of mind and what arises in it, leading to greater equanimity, less reactivity, more resilience and increasing spaciousness. This connects with the shamatha practice often applied in Essential practices like Mahamudra and Dzogchen.

- 'Meditating on the Monitor' is a course in shamatha meditation combined with heart rate variability, heart coherence training.

- Living, dying and inner peace (this program is in development phase).

- The Four Qualities of the Heart, traditional and present-day perspectives: with Loving Kindness, Compassion, Empathetic Joy and Equanimity practice en Tonglen (Tibetan 'giving and receiving' meditation). Engaged Buddhism in action.