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Agenda, for information:

1 MEDITATION WORKSHOP Sunday Oct 31 afternoon 2021 online via Zoom.  See Dutch page for more info.

2 The book (Dutch) Opgroeien en Ontwaken, de integrale benadering – boeddhistische, psychologische en maatschappelijke invalshoeken (in Dutch; Growing up and waking up, the integral approach - Buddhist, psychological and societal views) by Adeline van Waning came out in 2017 at Rheia Publishing. More information, and ordering can be done via de Publisher's website . And here you find more information on the MAPr site, with recommendations (Dutch). Growing up, Waking up, Cleaning up, Showing up...

The book (English) The less dust, the more trust – Participating in The Shamatha Project, meditation and science by Adeline v W was published in 2014 by Mantra Books, an imprint of John Hunt Publishing, see this link.


With also:

-  Impressive clip: for lovers of fascinating, moving music, contemplation and certainly for Zen practitioners - listen to this Heart Sutra presentation by a Japanese Zen-priest-musician, with guitar, drums... (2 min). See and listen here . Form is emptiness, emptiness is form, 'Kan ji zai bo sa...'.

- Here's a video that connects with the theme of practicing our ability to be present, awake and connected with self and fellow human beings, in expanding circles. This is a touching clip with a message of trust: 'Only love can conquer hate', also named the Manchester Hug... made after the terrorist attack in May 2017. Here it is (2 minutes).

- Watch these 'Street Loving Kindness' meditations with Sharon Salzberg. Getting up from the cushion, experience how hurrying in a busy train station can be transformed into relaxing clarity. Three inspiring video's, all less than 2 minutes... see them here.

Schermafdruk 2016-01-25 14.07.07

- A video called 'Zen-cat', nice and touching, about curiosity, openness and contactfulness (1 min)

-  Film 'Compassion in action', movie at Buddhist Broadcast Netherlands, BOS, 1 hr, can be enjoyed here.

- Article 'The Buddhist and the Neuroscientist - what compassion does to the brain', read it here.

- Interesting experiment in social science: 'I see you’. Introduces with the question ‘When was the last time you really looked into a stranger’s eyes?' (3 min). Moving, with experiences named like ‘seeing your own vulnerability... your own higher self’, see here.

- Movie about self-compassion and self esteem A TEDx talk, 'The space between self compassion and self esteem', with Kirstin Neff, 19 minutes, in English: click here.

General remark: Open Meditation days in Bergen and Eenigenburg nh are usually presented on a Saturday or Sunday in the second half of the month March and September.

The book can be purchased

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