Research, sponsoring

MAPr, as an independent group, participates in various cooperative research initiatives. These include:

The 'International Shamatha Project'

Alan Wallace PhD (Buddhist teacher and scholar-scientist, founder of the Santa Barbara Institute for Consciousness Studies) in 2009 launched a plan for a large international research project, aiming at effective collaboration of shamatha researchers over the world. The term 'shamatha,' next to a foundational form of meditation, also refers to a possible optimal physical-mental balance, with great pliancy in mental functioning. This balance has been experienced and described as a radical transformation in body, mind and awareness. Research in this context is essential for a true science of mind. A comprehensive description can be found at , and , the website of the named Santa Barbara Institute. On the website, a powerful endorsement by HH The Dalai Lama is presented: ... 'I am happy to support his [Alan Wallace’s] suggestion to expand existing collaboration amongst teachers and meditators worldwide to include multiple teachers and traditions… also encouraged by the prospect that the Project may collaborate with psychologists and neuroscientists, conducting research on shamatha meditators to discover which methods are most appropriate for which people to develop shamatha in the modern world. The prospect of Buddhist mind science becoming better understood both in the scientific community and in society at large is inspiring. I wish the Project every success.' MAPr, as a little (baby) knot, joins in this collaborative network of the 'International Shamatha Project.'

Research together with Training and Research Center HeartFocus

This regards research, including on the relationship of shamatha meditation, Heart Rhythm Variability and heart coherence, with assessments done with course participants. Courses in 'Meditation on the Monitor' have been given by Dr Adeline van Waning and Drs Kees Blase, in the Netherlands. See also at Programmes.

MAPr sponsoring scientific research

MAPr has a fund at Triodos Foundation, an international foundation for sustainable development, contributing to quality of life. The MAPr fund resides under 'People and Society' funds.

Sponsoring by MAPr fund can be considered for scientific research in the field of various forms of mindfulness and meditation, from various spiritual traditions, standing for the fundamental practice of concentration-calm meditation. The research project needs to be formulated in terms that include concentration-calm, mindfulness, (enhancing) emotion regulation, social skills and conflict management. Research has shown that shamatha mindfulness meditation can contribute to increased tolerance, increased resilience and (self) respect, inner balance and health; and that it forms a foundation for insight and wisdom (see also at: Resources). In the research plan, attention needs to be given to societal application of forms of meditation, in a way that transcends and includes the individual; that the project contributes to inner and outer peace. In the research, based in sound methodology (to be verified by experts), innovative scientific approaches and methodological considerations are welcomed. The usual third person 'objective' research, and also first person phenomenological empirical, and second person, intersubjective approaches all qualify for sponsoring.

Application for sponsoring can be made by way of email: , and/or via the website

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An example of an earlier initiative that received sponsoring is the 'Het Licht van Afscheid' (the light of farewell) project, in the context of hospice work: for research on, and combined participation in a study group and special Buddhist meditation retreat, with specific practices, for nursing care professionals and volunteers. Other examples include sponsoring research in mindfulness, compassion training and depression; a project in the context of Integral Psychiatry, and a project addressing a mindful economy.

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