Further activities, involvements

Further activities, involvements regard and include:


Persons dislocated by wars in actuality, in their own region and with their arrival in Europe, Netherlands: in urgent need of help, please donate: Vluchtelingen Werk Nederland: www.vluchtelingenwerk.nl/. This organisation works locally and internationally.

Tsunami disaster Japan 2011

Earthquake, tsunami and radioactive disaster combined, in March 2011. An innovative sustainable agriculture project in the affected regions, in cooperation of Japanese and Dutch specialists is warmly supported by MAPr. See the website, donations welcome: www.jep.nl.

Dutch Foundation for Ladakhi Nuns

Welcome to sponsors for this important organisation, for sponsoring various projects and also individual nuns in their education and training: more information with Ingrid Foeken, sponsoring coordinator, via website www.ladakhnuns.com.

Organisatie AVAAZ

AVAAZ, website www.avaaz.org, is an independent civil organisation that initiaties and supports actions in the fields of human rights, (religious) conflict and climate change. 'Avaaz' means: voice, song, in Urdu, Hindi, Dari, Persian and other languages. MAPr, from a commitment for embodied compassionate action, considers Avaaz a valuable initiative, deserving support.