By whom?

MAPr coordination rests with Adeline Van Waning.

B. Alan Wallace PhD, Buddhist teacher and scientist, in 2007 invited and authorized Adeline to teach shamatha mindfulness meditations to others. This includes the shamatha attention meditations, 'settling the mind in its natural state' that includes insight in the mind, and The Four Qualities of the Heart and Tonglen. 'Settling the mind in its natural state' is an important basic practice in the Essence traditions Dzogchen and Mahamudra. Most of the meditations, as presently presented by MAPr, are inspired by these practices and by the integral approach; and they elaborate on these inspirations.

Programmes and courses are offered by:

Adeline VW, guided med (1) of pics 108Adeline Van Waning

In her professional life as a psychiatrist she has been active in                   psychotherapeutic and scientific sense. Working with persons having a migrant and refugee background, she has always felt touched and intrigued by surprising developmental potentials and resilience that women, men and children may show in the face of great problems and sorrow. This interest connects with her involvement in meditation practices that can contribute in cultivating these qualities. Adeline Van Waning, MD PhD, MA Buddhist studies, participates in ongoing The Shamatha Project (meditation and scientific research). Her book, titled: The less dust, the more trust - participating in The Shamatha Project, meditation and science came out in 2014 at John Hunt Publishing. Summer 2017 her book was published, titled: Opgroeien en Ontwaken, de integrale benadering - boeddhistische, psychologische en maatschappelijke invalshoeken, Rheia Publishers  - see at Books. She has been practicing Buddhist meditation for many years, in the nineties quite some years in Zen (with Prabhasa Dharma Roshi, Jiun Hogen Roshi), later Vipassana (Sr Jotika Hermsen, Dhammananda Bhikkhuni), and since 2005 specifically Tibetan Buddhism. Adeline practiced Mahamudra with Lama Tashi Nyima and Lama Palden Drolma. She devotes herself to the Mahamudra-Dzogchen path with Dan Brown and Rahob Tulku Thupten Kalsang Rinpoche, and among others Susan Mickel and Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche. In addition she is a student in the Diamond Approach (a contemporary psycho-spiritual wisdom path, A.H. Almaas) and feels nourished by the integral approach (Ken Wilber). Her commitment to living the truth has a deep foundation in concern for the planet and all beings sharing the planet. She writes, works as a volunteer in hospice care and paints (

Kees Blase, teaching MaM IMG_1705

Kees Blase

In 2000, inspired by the Institute of HeartMath, Drs Kees Blase brought the Heartcoherence method to the Netherlands - at first in schools and training; later, as the co-founder of HeartMathNL, in health care and government. Next to giving introduction training, professionals training and courses, he regularly is a presenter on Heartcoherence at scientific conferences. After his academic education as a medical physicist he devoted himself to leadership, emotion management, energetic bodywork and solution-focused work. Kees specifically trains persons who are professionals in psychiatry, hospitals, police and education. Together with Adeline, in 2009, 2010 and 2012 he presented the 6 weeks programme 'Meditating on the Monitor’, for professionals in psychiatry. Kees Blase is the director of HeartFocus in Loosdrecht, NL, website On this website you can find a video of a course that was given by Adeline and Kees (8 minutes), look here.

Ingrid FoekenIMG_2811

Drs Ingrid Foeken, psychologist, personally experienced how she felt 'drying up', in a time period that she worked hard as a psychotherapist, but didn't allow herself time for her spiritual development. Since 1995 she explored many forms of spirituality and wisdom traditions. Buddhism has always appealed to her. Since 2002 she very much feels at home in the Ridhwan School, the Diamond Approach, a contemporary psycho-spiritual path. The year 2010 brought her to Thailand, to the Mind Center in Phuket connected to the Santa Barbara Institute for Consciousness Studies, where she participated in a six weeks meditation retreat combined with a teacher training in Cultivating Emotional Balance. Teachers were B. Alan Wallace and Paul Ekman. Shamatha meditation practice with Alan Wallace formed the foundation for her ongoing meditation practice. The Four Qualities of the Heart, a healthy sense of self-esteem, being loved and being able to love, fundamental equality with all humans, inner freedom and sustainable development are notions and values that are central in her life, and that she includes in her meditation guidance. She is a board member in the Dutch Foundation for Ladakhi Nuns, website www.ladakhnuns. Together with Adeline she presents the programme 'The Four Qualities of the Heart, traditional and contemporary perspectives, crisis as an opportunity'.

Ingrid Stroobachingridstroobach

Already more than thirty years ago, Ingrid came in touch with yoga, and ever since practices it in various traditions, like Iyengar yoga. She has also been educated in Vedanta, an Indian philosophy based on the Vedas, as well as trained as a yoga teacher, mindfulness trainer and coach-counselor. Ingrid is founder of ‘Deining’, a mindfulness and coaching/counseling practice ( After going through a ‘burn-out’ and a depression, in 2001, Ingrid found an anchor in different forms  of yoga/meditation. She would like to share her inspiration through mindfulness sessions and yoga lessons. Working as a nurse and mindfulness trainer in the hospice, she met Adeline. Together they guide meditation days and afternoons of silence.