For whom?

Most programmes can be joined by anyone interested, beginners and persons who have been meditating for a longer time (and who are, anyhow, beginners, always, every moment again...).

Some persons arrive, for a start, with a clear reason, for instance because they want to decrease some situation, that they experience as negative, with the help of meditation: they come as they want less stress, because they are suffering the busy-ness in their heads, because they are easily distracted, or because they are so hot-tempered.

Others come to get to know themselves better, and/or to have more understanding in how the mind 'works’.

Others, again, often with a longer meditation practice, wish to continue on that with intensifying a good foundational practice in shamatha, concentration-calm mindfulness, that  can support their further practice in compassion and helping others; and/or in insight meditation, on the path of selfrealisation, of awakening. With a basis in shamatha they can support and deepen their practice in, for instance, Zen, Vipassana, Advaita, TM, Christian 'Centering Prayer’ or Diamond Approach. In sharing our experiences, in a course, if so desired, we can address the relationship of shamatha with these practices.

Shamatha meditations, with 'settling the mind in its natural state', cultivating the Four Qualities of the Heart and glimpses of more spacious awareness, have a lot to offer; in the sense of important, enriching foundational practices, for persons with the named and more diverse motivations.